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2002 Dodge Engine VManual Wide


The fans of EricTheCarGuy that love their Dodges love this video series so I've compiled all the videos in the series and have made one complete video of the entire process. In fact this one was a request from one of those fans. There are a few lessons in this video, not the least of which is to make darn sure you check to see if your salvage yard engine spins before you install it into your truck. That's part of what I do as ETCG though, I fail so you don't have to. That said this is a good video that covers the removal and replacement of this 4.7L beast that goes into this Ram 1500. So if you have one of these trucks that needs and engine or you just like watching me roll around on the concrete this is the video for you.

If you have issues with the download or have questions about the VManual send them to, there is NO PHONE SUPPORT for this product but emails submitted to the address above will be answered within 24 hours.

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