This video shows how to use Plastigage to check bearing clearances in an engine. Plastigage can be used to check all kinds of clearances, but engine and bearing clearances are among the most common. Remember there are several different kinds of Plastigage, so be sure to pick the right size for your application. Plastigage is not a replacement for precision measurements, but it can be a good quick check that you can used for engine assembly. In addition to using Plastigage, this video also shows how to use a degree wheel when torquing fasteners.

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Summit Racing® Plastigage SUM-PG1Summit Racing® Plastigage SUM-PG1
Plastigage, Green Kit, 0.001 in.-0.003 in./.025mm-.076mm, Range, Each

Bore gage:

Fowler 72-646-300 Gauge Cyl Bore 2Fowler 72-646-300 Gauge Cyl Bore 2"-6"
Range: 2" - 6", Graduation: .0005”, Carbide anvils, Insulated grip, Chrome plated handle

Micrometer set:

Fowler 72-224-103 0-3Fowler 72-224-103 0-3" Digit Counter Micrometer Set
Digital counter reads .001", Resolution: .0001", Microfine graduations on satin chrome, Carbide tipped measuring faces

Torque angle gage:

OTC 4554 Torque Angle Gauge - 1/2OTC 4554 Torque Angle Gauge - 1/2" Drive
Required when servicing many late model engines that use torque-to-yield fasteners. Measures angle of rotation after pre-torque in torque-angle applications.


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