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January 23, 2017

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ETCG February 2017 Newsletter Card 750

The World Seems Like a Different Place Today

Normally, I don’t get political in my newsletters. I don’t feel this is the place for it. EricTheCarGuy is not a political entity, and I’ve never aspired to project my political opinions on you, and I never will.

IMG 8591

Today however, is Donald Trump’s first Monday in office. From what I can see, there’s a lot of uncertainty surrounding that fact. Therefore I feel the need to mention it.

As previously stated, I’m not here to voice my political opinions. I just want you to know that despite the political climate at the moment, I’m here to help you.

I don’t think it matters who’s in office. You still need to get to work. You still need your vehicle to run and get you where you need to go. You also don’t need one more person cramming their political beliefs down your throat.

My focus is on helping and entertaining you, and it will remain my focus as long as I continue to do this. As many of you already know, I’m not afraid to make a fool of myself for your benefit.

The take away here is that I’d like my EricTheCarGuy and ETCG1 channels to be an oasis from all the political rhetoric that’s going around these days. Know that you can take shelter here anytime you like. You’re always welcome.

That’s all I have to say about that.

The Return of ‘Repair’ Videos

Last month I posted a video of a repair I did just the week before the video was posted. “How To Install Front Lower Control Arms and Outer Tie Rods 1998 Mazda 626” This is the first video where I’ve had a turn around like that in a long time.

Lower Control Arm and Tie Rod Mazda 626

Some of you almost swooned at having something other than the #FairmontProject to watch. I admit, the Fairmont is taking a bit longer than I had anticipated to complete. I’ve also shot so much video of the project, I barely know what to do with it.

I’ve heard you though. I now see the need to roll some of these #FairmontProject videos back so that I can post more of what you started watching my channel in the first place for, repair videos.

So from here on out, I’ll be posting at least one repair video a month to help even things out. The #FairmontProject will go on a bit longer as a result, but I think this will help balance things out so that we can all be happy.

The #FairmontProject

Speaking of the #FairmontProject, here’s the update as of today.

Last week, Cameraman Brian and I started shooting our first video of the year with the Fairmont where I cut a hole in the floor to accommodate my new shifter for the manual transmission. We weren’t able to complete the video on that day, I had to order some parts. Now that those parts have arrived, we’re going to schedule another shoot where we wrap that video up.

IMG 8599IMG 8602

Next, I’m setting up a shoot for the removal of the engine and transmission so that I can replace the K member and front suspension. After that, it’s time to rip out the interior and get to work on the interior of the car. See last months newsletter for more of what’s on my checklist of things to do if you missed it.

I’m still hoping to have the car running and on the road by March/April.

One last thing on the #FairmontProject. I just did an extensive write up on the project from where it started, to where it is today. So if you’ve just tuned in, or you’d like a recap of why I decided to go with a 1979 Ford Fairmont, this blog will most assuredly bring you up to speed.

I’ve passed this blog along to my web developer who I hope can get it up on the website in the not too distant future. However, his grandmother has fallen ill, and he’s understandably been busy with that. In the mean time, let’s send some positive thoughts their way.

Fixing it Forward

I’m still working on making Fixing it Forward into a non profit. The proper paperwork is getting filed and we’re waiting on the powers that be to give us the OK’s.

IMG 8581

In the mean time I thought I would give you a Fixing it Forward video to remind you of what the program is all about.

In keeping with what I mentioned earlier about posting a repair video each month, I’ve pulled an old Fixing it Forward video out of the vault.

Some time last year Jeff Schmidt brought back his 1998 Ford Contour because of a charging system problem. In turn, I shot a video of the diagnosis and replacement of his alternator. No small task for that vehicle I can assure you.

There was also a transmission fluid leak that I’m going to include in the extended version of the video for Premium Members of EricTheCarGuy.com.

In addition to the new video, I believe I’m going to use my new 1999 Honda Civic as a ‘loner’ car for future Fixing it Forward participants. If you’ve seen the introductory video, you’re aware that the car needs a little work. I plan to do this work and shoot videos of those repairs.

Be sure to check the description of the previously linked video for more Civic repair videos.

Once those repairs are complete, and Fixing it Forward is running as a non profit, I plan to donate the car to FiF and loan it out to participants of the program while I work on their vehicles.

If you’d like to learn more, or donate to the Fixing it Forward GoFundMe, click here.

Barrett Jackson was Awesome!

Those of you that follow me on social media know that I went to Barrett Jackson for the first time last weekend. It was an absolute blast.

IMG 7475
IMG 8647
IMG 8661
IMG 8674
IMG 8705
IMG 8685

Firstly, because I got to hang out with Matt Maranowski who is also known as SubaruWRXFan. He and I met at the F1 race in Montreal last year and really hit it off. Partly because he’s from Pittsburgh. I used to live there and I’ve always had affections for the city and it’s occupants.

It was also a great time because we had Ron Schneider as our guide. Ron is the owner of Sport Dimensions and a really cool guy. He’s also a long time veteran of the auction and knew all the ins and outs. The perfect guide for an event like this. Did I mention he’s also a ‘real’ car guy?

Ron also knows a couple of people. In fact, he introduced us to John Hennessey. If you’re not familiar with him, he’s the guy that created the Hennessey Venom, which is one of the fastest cars on the planet.

In fact, John built a special Venom for Steven Tyler of Aerosmith. That car was auctioned off at the event and brought in 800K for Steven’s charity, Janie’s Fund which helps abused and neglected children.

Steven Tyler

I was there gathering footage for a sponsored video I’m doing with Pennzoil, but I also plan to make an ETCG1 video about the experience in the next couple of weeks.

Premium Member News

Premium Members got 3 exclusive videos last month. A little less than usual because I wasn’t shooting the last couple of weeks of December due to my vacation.

Those videos were, “Prepping the Engine Compartment #FairmontProject (Exclusive Video)”, “#FairmontProject Update 1/10/2017 (Exclusive Video)”, and “Fun in the Mud with the Stinky RL (Exclusive Video)”.

Prepping the Engine Compartment Exclusive Video
FairmontProject Update 1 10 2017
Fun in the Mud with the RL

That last one was a blast to shoot. Just as an FYI, I got it stuck in the mud when we were done and just left it there. I figure I’ll get it when it dries out a bit. Beater cars are fun.

Premium Members get up to 4 exclusive videos per month. They also get additional perks on the website, and they help support the site with all of it’s useful, free, repair content.

Details on the new Premium Memberships here.

Meet Derek Sims

Some of you have seen and commented on my new cameraman, Derek Sims. Don’t worry, Derek is not replacing Cameraman Brian, he’s just filling in when Brian is busy with other projects.

Derek Sims

Brian is a capable and busy videographer who’s not always available. For those times when he’s not around, Derek has been filling in.

I met Derek late last year though a mutual friend. He’s former Army and has a great work ethic as a result. Derek is also into cars which is helpful. He’s also proving to be a very capable cameraman.

So please don’t get upset when you see Derek in the credits at the end of my videos. Instead, welcome the new guy, as he is the most recent addition to the EricTheCarGuy team.

Meet Up 2017

Some of you have already been asking about a ‘Meet Up’ this year. To be honest, after last year’s turn out, I’m not sure about having another ‘Meet Up’ at my shop.

ETCG Meet Up 2016

Here’s my reasoning behind that. I had over 300 people show up to last years event. That was a fantastic turn out, but it felt like a bit too much. I say this because I feel like I wasn’t able to meet as many people as I had in the past because of the turn out. I felt really bad about this because some of you traveled from far away just to shake my hand, and I wasn’t able to give you that.

What I’m considering instead, is a series of smaller ‘Meet Up’s’ around the country. Maybe 3 or 4 events where I can entertain slightly smaller crowds. This way some of you wouldn’t have to travel as far, and I could possibly meet more of you as a result.

I haven’t made a firm decision yet, but I welcome your feedback on this topic. Particularly if you’ve attended the event in the past, especially if you attended last year.

I’m considering starting a discussion thread on the Forum so that you can submit your feedback. If I don’t get to that by the time this newsletter comes out, feel free to email me your thoughts directly at eric@EricTheCarGuy.com.

In Closing

As of January 27, I have officially been doing EricTheCarGuy for 8 years. In the digital world of YouTube, that’s an eternity. A lot has changed in the YouTube space since I started, but much of what I do hasn’t.

Sure, my shop has changed (for the better), I have a lift, I now have cameramen that I work with, and a fleet of vehicles to work on, but my philosophy remains the same, I want to help and entertain people with my automotive videos. That core mission stays with me for as long as I do this.

I’m not sure if you’re aware, but as of this writing, I’m at about 900,000 subscribers. I’m hoping that next year when I’m writing about my 9th anniversary, I can report that I’ve crossed the 1,000,000 subscriber mark. Let’s see if we can make that happen.

BTW, check your subscriptions. I’ve come to find that YouTube has been unsubscribing some of my subscribers from both my EricTheCarGuy and ETCG1 channels. It’s not just me, other YouTubers have reported the same thing.

IMG 8691

This year has already gotten off to a great start. My first trip is under my belt and it was a great success. I have plans for new and interesting videos, the #FairmontProject should come to completion, and Fixing it Forward is almost off the ground. So far things seem to be moving along nicely.

Lastly, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for helping me make EricTheCarGuy into what it is today. I really could not have done it without you. I truly do appreciate every subscriber and follower I have, and will continue to do so for the rest of my life.

Thanks for reading.
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Be safe
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