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ETCG1 checker Logo Broken small 2018 copyI started the ETCG1 channel about a year or so after starting the EricTheCarGuy channel.  I did this for a couple of reasons.  The first is that I needed a place where I could post 'non-repair' videos that related to EricTheCarGuy, it became apparent early on that my audience on EricTheCarGuy were interested in repair videos only so to accommodate them and fill the need for video topics outside of repair ETCG1 was born.  The second reason is that it became apparent that many viewers had questions about becoming professional technicians and they wanted to learn what it was like to work in the field, they also seemed interested in my opinions and experiences that developed while working as a technician.  ETCG1 has become something of a 'soapbox' for me to share these thoughts and ideas and it gives me the opportunity to respond to some of the questions I get about the auto repair industry.  ETCG1 is also a place where you can learn a little more about what it is to be and work as EricTheCarGuy, best job in the world if you asked me.  Why not watch a few videos and let me know what YOU think?
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The Future of Motorsport

I recently watched the Netflix series “Hyperdrive”, and wondered if this might be the new direction of motorsport. I’m not saying that it would completely replace the racing many people know and love today completely, but I thought it might be the evolution of what motorsport could become.

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RIP Jessi Combs

I was very sad to learn of the passing of Jessi Combs on August 27, 2019. I was fortunate enough to have met her in person back in 2016, and in this video I share that experience with you.

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Should You Trust Your Machine Shop

While building the engine for #ETCGDadsTruck I found some things that made me nervous. I corrected those issues, but the question is, should you trust your machine shop?

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thumbnail Ricers vs Tuners

This topic came up in the comments to my video about the Fast and Furious Effect.