J Series VManual Tall

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For Streaming Version with the website and with your IPhone and Android mobile device.

Price: USD $11.99 for 1 Year!
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This version is for COMPUTERS ONLY (no iPad, phone or other mobile device or tablet). Once the download version is purchased, they can't exchange it for another version.

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Streaming Requires a High Speed Internet Connection

Size: 522-535 MB

Runtime approximately 90min.

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For ALL of you, Yes that means you, WILL need to reset your password to your account. Passwords did not make it from the last site and I will run through how to do that here. If you are a NEW user (IE no user name on the old forum) then you must sign up for a new account, it's free afterall.

At the main page at Ericthecarguy.com there is a login area on the upper right side of the screen and in the listing you will see "Forgot your password?" click on that link or CLICK HERE. Enter your email that your account uses and type in the red captcha phrase and the password will be sent to you. MAKE SURE TO CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER ON YOUR EMAIL IF YOU DO NOT GET AN EMAIL IN 20 MINUTES, IT WILL BE THERE.

IF YOU HAVE a bunch of special characters like ' " : ; ?, ETC in your name you will need to get your username emailed to you for the new software does not play nice with the special characters. At which point if you do not have that username emailed to you, email us at Support@Ericithecarguy.com with the email address you signed up with on the old site. We will give you instructions on what to do from there so we can sync your forum posts to your username.

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