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This was my second VManual, the Honda J Series V6 Timing Belt Replacement. This is a step by step, bolt by bolt account outlining the replacement of the Honda J series V6 timing belt and water pump. I even show a couple of methods you can use to remove the crank bolt which in my opinion is probably the most difficult part of the job, if you can't do that you can't do this job. Shops charge up to $800 for this job so you'll be sure to save plenty should you do this job yourself. There's a complete tool list in the VManual. I also show how to deal with the 2 types of hydraulic tensioners used on this engine, if you mess this up the belt won't have tension and might skip time which could result in engine damage. I show how to install the belt and set tension as well as the water pump replacement. This video applies to: 1998-2007 J30 3.0L V6 Accord, Acura TL and CL models, 1999-2007 J32 Acura 3.2L TL and CL, 1998-2007 J35 3.5L Odyssey, Pilot, Rideline, Acura RL and Acura MDX as well as the FWE Saturn VUE with the J35 engine. This VManual does not directly apply but has relevance to the J37 3.7L 2007-??? Acura MDX, RL, TL, and ZDX. So if your looking to save some money or your just curious of what's involved with this job this VManual is for you.

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