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Market research for a new service was created by Praxey

I am doing market research for a new tool, which I think may be helpful to mechanics and DIYers.

I want to know if the readers of this forum agree.

I've built an app/website called Praxey.

Praxey is a way for anyone (in this case mechanics) to get PAID to take video calls.

It works like Skype, but before making a call, the caller puts a credit card into the system and the receiver lists a price per call or per minute.

At the end of the call, the caller's card is charged, and the receiver's account credited.

My thinking is that for guys who like to work on their cars, who watch Eric's videos, they might want to "video chat with an expert" when they get stuck working on their car. If they are willing to pay for the mechanic's time, they'll get the help they need, and the mechanic gets paid and the satisfaction of helping someone.

It'd be like a premium version of these free chats. "Don't wait. Video chat with a pro now!"

Praxey is for any, profession, not just mechanics. But it seems like this would be a good use case.

In case I haven't been clear, here's an intro video:

What does everyone think?

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