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1 week 6 days ago #203735 by Eddy Peterson Jr.
Talk to me Ford Truck Fans was created by Eddy Peterson Jr.
Hi All
I'm brand new to the ERICTHECARGUY website . I am now for several months a big fan of Eric and his youtube channel !

I own a 1990 ford 4x4 f 150 xlt lariat . Under the hood is the 5.0 v8 302 . New to me this truck is a fixer upper and needs just about everything...but my humble opinion , I just can't believe how flipping expensive trucks are becoming , near 40,000 for a standard new ford truck is just sickening to me , and i never want that car payment . So...I vow to love and committ to what I have no matter how many new parts it needs...Im pretty sure I can keep it under 40,000 to get to great shape .

I'm already in the fire pit of repairs on this truck fast and furious , trying to prioritize their importance as I attempt to bring this truck back to a runner with another 20 years of good livin .

Out of the gate , Ive got something happening in wintery Colorado , I experienced a clunk noise and a grabbing feeling underneath that felt like something bound momentarily then freed up . I pulled over immediately and looked to my hearts content and found nothing obviously broken . I remain at this moment able to drive it...turn , stop , and shift okay...but I have a rattling and grinding type noise that occurs right away after letting off the gas after about 30 miles per hour . Hearing the noise and feeling some vibration approx...under my feet of the floorboards or just behind the cab underneath .

Any comments on how to self diagnose or figure out how to isolate my i can't pinpoint while driving or find anything damaged underneath visibly to my eye .

Thanks in advance for any helpful comments .

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1 week 5 days ago #203746 by college man
Replied by college man on topic Talk to me Ford Truck Fans
Welcome to the forum.

Believe it or not Iam trying to help you.

Proud to be Eric The Car Guy Certified.

Over 10,000 posts strong.

Mobil1 New Jersey highway tested everyday.
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