Blend Door Actuator not working

1 day 8 hours ago #203910 by AndrewW
Blend Door Actuator not working was created by AndrewW
For the 3rd time in 2 years Ive had to change the blend door actuator on my 2012 Avenger. The other 2 had the plastic gears melt, this latest just stopped working. I thought the motor died. Well the new one doesnt work either. I tested the power and got 0 volts from the connector. Funny thing, the other controls on the same control knob work. The same knob you press in for the AC and set the auto temperature. It blows straight cold with the AC on and auto temp turns off or changes cold at different setting. I learned in school if 1 thing on the same circuit works then its not the circuit. This doesnt seem the case. The new actuator set the door at centre so it blows a comfortable tempurature, however with it being winter in Canada it takes a long time to reach that. Any ideas what to check next? Im at a loss.

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