Battery Terminal Replacement

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Hi Eric,

In the last video when you were inspecting the new Acura you pointed out the battery terminal. I know you have mentioned in several videos to avoid the use of this type if at all possible.

I have a 1992 Dakota that I bought in the spring and one of the things on my list is the battery terminals. Someone installed this style and I am not happy with the end result. I just wondered was there a specific type out there that you would recommend? Or should I look for some OEM cables to strip from a donor truck in the salvage yard?

It might not be enough for a video topic on its own, but if you plan to address this on your car maybe you could provide your insight somewhere along the way.

Thank you!

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2 days 10 hours ago #203898 by EricTheCarGuy
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Thanks for the request.

I've already shot my solution to that problem and it will be featured in the 'major service' video in the TL series. Not saying that you need to use that specific type of terminal, but anything is better than the ones that were on the car originally.

I also covered this in the #ETCGDadsTruck series.

The short answer is I don't have a particular type of terminal I prefer, just not the cheap ones you saw in the TL inspection video.

You can find a ton of choices on Amazon just by searching for 'battery terminal'.

Thanks again for your request.

Stay dirty

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1 day 17 hours ago #203905 by J-Aus95
Replied by J-Aus95 on topic Battery Terminal Replacement
Thank you for your insight Eric. I'll check out the links and Amazon. I've had success finding replacement parts there, and you can't beat the 2 day shipping.

I'm looking forward to the TL videos as well. There is something about taking an abused vehicle and breathing new life into it that is close to my heart.

Thank you again for the response!
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