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 For the driver, the P0740 is likely to come with "shift shock" where the transmission "clunks" or fails to shift and goes back to the lower gear, resulting in high revs (RPM) from the engine. Quite often, the transmission will fail to reach the higher gear repeatedly. The driver should slow down to comfortable RPM levels (3000-4000) and get the van to a garage or driveway where it can be parked and checked.

NOTE: Extended driving with this problem can result in overheated transmission fluid and more serious transmission problems as a result.

A transmission flush and replacement is a good beginning, but should be accompanied by a complete circuit check of the sensors and solenoids as well. If any of those are faulty, they could be the genesis of the problem rather than a more costly cause.

All too often, however, with the Honda Odyssey, the problem is the transmission itself and requires a replacement to repair. If the vehicle has surpassed its 100,000 mile warranty (extended for all Odysseys of that period to cover powertrain issues like this), it will likely mean several thousand dollars in transmission replacement costs for the owner.

Author Jason Lancaster doesn't own a minivan, but if he did, it would be a Honda Odyssey. Jason writes for, a website offering OEM Honda parts at discounted prices – including replacement powetrain components (like transmissions).