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The BendPak XPR-10A-LP has been the single most life changing piece of equipment in my shop to date. Having a lift is a game changer in every way when it comes to auto repair. Just the time savings alone is huge. Not to mention the wear and tear on your body. I know not everyone has the space or the means to have one of these lifts, but if you're in the market for one, I can highly recommend this one. Not just because BendPak was gracious enough to send me one, but because I've worked with BendPak lifts in the past during my career and never had issues with them. In fact, I often took them for granted until I got my own shop.

With all that said, I hope you enjoy this introduction and review of my new BendPak lift. I know it will help me produce more and better repair videos going forward.

Thanks for watching.

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Link to Lift Specs: http://www.bendpak.com/car-lifts/two-post-lifts/xpr-10a-lp.aspx

Link to 'Module' workstation: http://www.bendpak.com/car-lifts/accessories/wsa-100.aspx

Link to Screw Pads: http://www.bendpak.com/car-lifts/accessories/screw-lift-pads.aspx

Link to BendPak Site: http://www.bendpak.com

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