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Astro Pneumatic 40SL (magnet light)$52.95:

Astro Pneumatic 40SL Rechargeable COB LED Slim Work Light 410 LumensAstro Pneumatic 40SL Rechargeable COB LED Slim Work Light, 410 Lumens

Astro Pneumatic 12SL (Slim Red Light)$56.59:

Astro Pneumatic 12SL Slim Light Rechargeable Led Inspection LightAstro Pneumatic 12SL Slim Light Rechargeable Led Inspection Light

Astro Pneumatic 21LED Waterproof Flex Light $15.49:

Astro Pneumatic 21 LED Waterproof Silicone Flex LightAstro Pneumatic 21 LED Waterproof Silicone Flex Light

Astro Pneumatic Website:

I am SOOOO happy to be done with my Harbor Freight light. Yes, these lights are more expensive, but consider this, I bought 2 Harbor Freight lights because one of them died (not because I thew it, but because the battery died). They were about $20 a peace. If you do the math, quality tools are always better. Not to mention mine was used and abused before I ever got it.

The slim light is also cool. I use it when the batteries die on the 40SL. It's also a tough little bugger as you saw in the video.

The flex light, I have to use that one a bit more, but I get so much use out of the other 2, for me, it doesn't matter much. I'll find a use for it.

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