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Micro Start XP1 Jump Battery Pack and Multi-Use Charger - See more at: http://www.motorfiend.com/micro-start-jump-battery-pack-multi-charger-p-2872.html#sthash.mh0aM39R.dpufMicro Start XP1 Jump Battery Pack and Multi-Use Charger - See more at:
$159.95 on 6/16/2014

I'd been considering getting a jump box for the shop for a while now and Motorfiend sent me this Micro-start XP-1 to try. I was actually able to use it on a car with a dead battery before I made this video and it worked great. In case you were wondering it was a 3.5L V6. As you'll see in the video it has no trouble starting my Ford multiple times. I suppose I could have run the test until the battery actually died, but for me, if it starts once that's all I need. That said, I wasn't as impressed with the other attachments and hook ups. For me, they're practically useless. Given that, I could just put the Micro-start and battery cables in my glove box and have a jump box whenever I need it. In fact what I've done is put it in my 'emergency box' with the Slime inflator. Now if I get a flat or have a dead battery I'm prepared.

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Camera: Brian Kast

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