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We are deeply sorry you have decided to leave us.  If you have any issues with the service or for whatever reason you are canceling we would like to hear from you.  Please email us at Thanks!

You will be responsible for canceling your membership and are sent an email to you 5 days before your account is charged. If you ignore this and do not cancel your subscription in that time we will not be giving out refunds.

PayPal preapproved payment. All the Subscription is signed up to a recurring payment. Follow these instructions if you want to cancel the payment or want to pay manually.

These instructions are from PayPal and can change at any time.

I've signed up and paid for a preapproved payment agreement, such as a recurring payment, subscription, automatic billing or installment plan. How can I find it?

Here’s how to view your preapproved payment information:
  1. Log in to your PayPal account.
  2. Click Profile near the top of the page.
  3. Click My money under My Profile.
    Click the agreements you want to view in the My preapproved payments section.

Please note that you should contact the seller directly with questions about your plan. You can find your seller's contact details in the email you received when you signed up for your plan, or in the transaction details for the plan in your PayPal account.

That’s it! Simple! Stay Dirty!